Station Area Information

Seafort Square

to Seafort Square

At the foot of Tennozu Isle Station is Seafort Square. People arriving are greeted by a wooden walkway that stretches along the river, lined with popular shops, cafes, restaurants, theaters and more. It is a place that always has something visitors can enjoy.

A short walk down the boardwalk leads to the site of the old warehouse district and T.Y. Brewery, a brewery restaurant in the American west coast style.

Higashi-Shinagawa Kaijo Park

Higashi-Shinagawa Kaijo Park

There is another boardwalk across the Isle Bridge from Tennozu in Higashi-Shinagawa.

Taking a stroll in the sea breeze after an evening meal in one of the area's restaurant is a real treat. Nighttime here, with a backdrop of apartments and skyscrapers reflected in the river, is perfect for an unforgettable date.

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