Once a warehouse district, the area was transformed by waterfront planning that saw the area reborn as a modern city.
There are now high-rise offices, theaters, hotels, apartment complexes, sports facilities and more in the area. With the addition of a connection to the Rinkai Line, access to recreational spots like Odaiba and Disneyland is smooth and easy.
The station was chosen as one of the top 100 stations in the Kanto area in 1999.

Station Area Information

Seafort Square

to Seafort Square

At the foot of Tennozu Isle Station is Seafort Square. People arriving are greeted by a wooden walkway that stretches along the river, lined with popular shops, cafes, restaurants, theaters and more. It is a place that always has something visitors can enjoy.

A short walk down the boardwalk leads to the site of the old warehouse district and T.Y. Brewery, a brewery restaurant in the American west coast style.

Higashi-Shinagawa Kaijo Park

Higashi-Shinagawa Kaijo Park

There is another boardwalk across the Isle Bridge from Tennozu in Higashi-Shinagawa.

Taking a stroll in the sea breeze after an evening meal in one of the area's restaurant is a real treat. Nighttime here, with a backdrop of apartments and skyscrapers reflected in the river, is perfect for an unforgettable date.

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