The station building was designed with a motif of jet engines. The nearby tranquil seaside area of Haneda includes the Anamori Inari Shrine, making it a wonderful place for a stroll. In addition, there is a connection to the Keikyu Line.

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Tenkubashi Map(As of February 2011) Ticket Gate

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Address:1-1-2 Haneda Kuko, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Opened:September, 1993

Station Area Information

Anamori Inari Shrine

Anamori Inari Shrine

Crossing Inari Bridge bring you to Anamori Inari Shrine. It was once part of the airport grounds, but because the airport was expanded, the shrine was moved in 1965.

Today the shrine is dedicated to the safety of the Haneda area, but it was originally created in 1804 when people prayed that seawater wouldn't leak into new rice fields through holes in the fields' embankments. Many people have come to pray at the shrine through the Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods, and even today the shrine is festive as people throw beans during the Setsubun holiday.

Haneda Shrine

Haneda Shrine

West of Anamori Inari Shrine, beyond the industrial road, and a bit south is Haneda Shrine. Its history can be traced back to the Kamakura period (1185-1333), and during the Edo period, the Tokugawa family and Shimazu family went to show their deep devotion.

These days, many believers working at airline companies come to pray for safety in work and flying. A hill called "Haneda Fuji" was created on the grounds in 1868 and it is recognized as a cultural asset of Ota Ward.

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