This station was built underground for the convenience of employees working at repair facilities for various airlines.
Near the entrance is a connecting taxiway for runways A and C, so aircraft can be seen from up close. A perfect hideaway for aircraft fans.

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Shin Seibijo Map(As of February 2011) Station Exit Ticket Gate

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Address:3-5-1 Haneda Kuko, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Opened:September, 1993

Station Area Information

Repair Facility Tours

Repair Facility Tours

You would think that repair facilities are open to airline personnel only, but that is not true. Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, two of Japan's leading airline companies, hold tours of their repair facilities for the general public.

After learning the basics through videos and scale models, you'll take a trip to the hangars and watch as repairs and maintenance is performed on aircraft. The tours take around 90 minutes and are by appointment only.

A Hideaway for Aircraft Fans

A Hideaway for Aircraft Fans

Shin Seibijo Station is underground, but as you reach the exit at ground level, you'll hear the echoes of jet engines. There is a taxiway right nearby where you can see all sorts of aircraft, making this station a nice retreat.

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