Terms of Use

Terms and conditions for using the Tokyo Monorail website

Tokyo Monorail Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "the company") operates this website (hereinafter "the site") under the following terms and conditions. Please understand these terms and conditions before using the site.

  1. Applicability of the Terms of Use

    The Terms of Use cover all data on all servers necessary to operate the site and the contents made up of that data.

  2. Copyrights

    Copyrights related to contents appearing on this site generally belong to the company. Reproduction, transfer, reprinting, electronic manipulation, broadcast, distribution, secondary usage, and any other similar action to any content contained on this site, including photographs, company logos, images, articles and other data, is strictly prohibited.

  3. Links

    The company does require any specific procedures to link to the site, but as a general rule we request that the links be directed to our website's top page using the following banner. In addition, links to the site appearing in a frame under another site is prohibited, as it may cause confusion as to the source of information. We request that all links to this site are always set to open in a new window.

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    Top page:

    Additionally, links from the following types of websites are strictly prohibited:

    • Websites created with the intent of defamation of the company, any other company, or third parties, or seek to undermine the public trust therein.
    • Websites created with the intent of infringing on the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of the company, any other company, or third parties.
    • Websites using links to the site for commercial purposes (such as providing information from the site for compensation). Please understand that as a general rule we do not accept requests for links from the site.
  4. Appearances in magazines, etc.

    All appearances of the site in magazines articles, CD shortcut collections, and other media, other than in the form of a link are based on items 1. and 2. above.

  5. Offers through the internet, etc.

    Please refrain from sending any technological or commercial offers through the internet or other media, as there may be cases of disputes arising when an offer bears similarity to technological or commercial plans created, planned and developed independently by the company.

    Please be aware that in cases where the company receives such an offer through the internet or other media, the company will handle the offer in the following manner.

    • The company will not give any evaluation or consideration to the offer.
    • The company will not accept any responsibility for confidentiality of the offer.
    • In cases where some or part of the offer resembles or duplicates something created, developed or used by the company, the company will not be responsible for any sort of compensation.
  6. Disclaimer

    The company pays careful attention to information that appears on the site. However, the company makes no guarantee of the completeness, accuracy, applicability, or security of any content. In addition, please understand that the company accepts no responsibility for any result occurring from user decision or action based on information appearing on the site.

    Please be aware that products, campaigns and other information is only a portion of the products sold by and campaigns developed by the company and is not comprehensive. In addition, all information appearing on the site is as of the time of creation, and in cases names or contents may be changed without prior notice, or discrepancies may occur through the passage of time.

    The site address, including its top page may change without prior notice. The company takes no responsibility for the effects of broken links or any other inconvenience in displaying the site due to changes of address.

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