Customer Service

Everything is for the comfort of our customers.

Service Managers

The work of service managers consists of circuiting the station grounds and guiding travelers from abroad, people unused to traveling and elderly passengers.
They aim to always be hospitable, and seek the satisfaction of elderly, disabled and all other customers.
All service managers are qualified as service helpers and have basic lifesaving certification.

Service Helper Certification

To be qualified as a service helper, one must have studied hospitality and safe assistance techniques in order to provide safe service to elderly and disabled customers.
Our train and station crews have been earning this certification since 2005, and we plan for these workers to earn further qualification.

JR EAST Travel Service Center (Haneda)

JR EAST Travel Service Center (Haneda)

Our mission is to provide service to people visiting Japan and to help everyone coming from abroad to better enjoy their journeys in Japan.


  • Name: JR EAST Travel Service Center (Haneda) Another window
  • Location: Haneda Airport Terminal 3 2F (Arrival Lobby)
  • Languages used: English, Japanese
    • Note: Language support varies depending on the day and time.


  • Exchange and sale of JR East rail passes for overseas tourists, exchange and sale of Japan Rail Pass, JR ticket sales, tourist information, etc.

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