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Hamamatsucho and Shiodome, transformed bases for business

When considered from Haneda Airport, Hamamatsucho is the end point of the Monorail line.
Head west a few hundred meters and you'll arrive at Zojo-ji Temple. The area originally prospered as a temple town, but has developed into a forest of skyscrapers in recent days, making it seem part of the heart of the city.

Yamanote Line Hamamatsucho 13 min.

Shiba Park, a short jaunt from Zojo-ji Temple and Tokyo Tower

Shiba Park, a short jaunt from Zojo-ji Temple and Tokyo Tower

Created in 1873, Shiba Park is one of the first public parks in Japan. Located in the park is Shiba Maruyama Kofun, one of the largest tumuli (burial mounds) in Tokyo, and the natural beauty of the park is an attraction, offering ume, cherry blossoms, maples and other trees that change through the seasons. Next to the park is Zojo-ji, a temple founded in 1393 that was developed as the ancestral temple for the Tokugawa family and serves as the headquarters of Jodo Buddhism. The park is also host to Tokyo Tower, a popular sightseeing attraction that enchants visitors as the symbol of Tokyo. Tokyo Tower is also famous for its nighttime illumination shows that are specially designed for events and campaign promotions. 

Photograph courtesy of: the Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

Take a walk on the east side and arrive at a port for cruising

Take a walk on the east side and arrive at a port for cruising

Take a walk on the east side and arrive at a port for cruising

Water taxies travel from Hinode Pier to all places around Tokyo Bay. They are not only a convenient way to get to tourist destinations such as Asakusa and Tokyo Big Site, but also to commercial areas like Harumi and Toyosu.
Cruises by Symphony are another great way to enjoy the splendor of the seas. You can enjoy their different event and dinner cruises for every season.
From the nearby Takeshiba Pier, Vingt Et Un Cruise also offers pleasant excursions onto Tokyo Bay on restaurant ships.

A short walk will take you to Shiodome


If you decide to take the walking path north from Monorail Hamamatsucho Station, you'll arrive at Tokyo's newest business district: Shiodome.
Nippon Television and Caretta Shiodome call the area home, along with a host of other buildings and headquarters of major Japanese businesses, upscale hotels, and great places to shop.
It is an area of ever-increasing popularity among Tokyoites.

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Hamamatsucho and ShiodomeTransformed as a commercial center

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