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Ginza areas wrapped in refinement

With dignified, long-standing department and specialist stores, streets faced with lines of famous European luxury brand company stores, Ginza is perhaps Japan's most brilliant area.
Nearby, Yurakucho, with a JR station of the same name, is not simply a stop on the way to Ginza, but a great place for food and shopping at its enormous commercial complex.

From upscale restaurants to cozy pubs

From upscale restaurants to cozy pubs

For travelers, dinner can really make or break a day. The restaurants in Ginza are all high-class. From sushi, tempura and traditional Japanese course meals to French, Italian and Chinese, Ginza offers the finest cuisine of any category. The area also has a large number of stores for the thriftier customer as well. Under the tracks of the JR line near Yurakucho station, you'll find a collection of stores overflowing with old-fashioned Showa-era spirit.

Experiencing quintessential classical performances at the Kabuki-za

Experiencing quintessential classical performances at the Kabuki-za

The Kabuki-za, a theater for kabuki performances, was reborn in 2013 as the fifth reincarnation of the building in a tradition extending back to 1889. With each seat featuring a good view of the stage along with good acoustics, the Kabuki-za is the only theater in the world dedicated exclusively to kabuki, and has a wide range of features such as earphone-equipped narration and subtitled guides. Visitors will also find a variety of dishes available for eating and assorted gifts available for purchase. The Kabuki Tower, a mixed-use building, houses the Kabuki-za Gallery with kabuki-related exhibits.

Photographs supplied by Shochiku, Kabukiza Theatre

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